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Awesome concept and I love the art style.

That was cool. short and sweet


Wow!  This is an amazingly well polished and fun game, especially for a LD!  Nice work.


It was a really good game

I liked it a lot(also really relaxing)


nice little game

This was pretty cool, easy enough to solve but satisfying at the same time.

Solid puzzle game!

For those that seek a giggle! - 

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This was super fun! I fell out of the map once, and ran out of the bondaries another time but all in all it was great. :3
You can check out my recording here

is this hiveswap


This was super cool. Liked it a lot!

Very nice concept and tightly put together. Thanks for your work!

Wonderful concept and execution. I did manage to fall out the map a couple of times, but it didn't break the game :).

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I need help playing it!

What's the problem?

Damn, this is actually kind of incredible and really well done. Thanks for sharing it :)

Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I like it!!

only one complaint: except for fullscreen the game's resolution doesn't scale with the canvas.